Noble fruitbrandy

Enghaven's Noble fruitbrandy are distillates of the Eau-de-Vie type produced on a basis of Danish fruit, wherein aromatics and flavor from the fruit have been brought forward as much as possible.

You can read more about process of production here.

The Noble fruit spirits are matured solely on stainless steel and not wooden casks. This means that they are clear distillates, which have kept their very characteristic and intense fruit flavor.

During the harvest years 2007 and 2008, we mainly produced Noble fruit spirits from apples. We do not blend the apple sorts as we want you to be able to smell and taste the characteristic of every single sort in the Noble fruit spirits.

The Noble fruit spirits of the Enghaven Distillery are closely related to such fruit spirits as e.g. the French Eau-de-Vie de Fruits, Slivovitsj from the Balkans or Hungarian Palinka, and it is best enjoyed by itself or before or after a good meal, to your coffee or accompanying e.g. a dessert based on apples or another fruit. You can of course drink the spirit however you find it appropriate as luckily there is no accounting for taste, but in our opinion fruit distillates of this kind do not lend themselves to e.g. Danish open sandwiches. Noble fruit spirit is ideally savored at room-temperature or slightly below from a liqueur glass and no big tulip-shaped glasses.

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