This is how spirits are made

Spirits are made from burning a mash. At the Enghaven Distillery, the mash is made predominately of fruit that is fermented. During this process, we do not add anything but yeast, which serves as a catalyst. At the Enghaven Distillery the fermentation is carried out at relatively low temperatures as this causes the fermentation to slow down and the spirits gain more of the exact aromatics we are looking for.

When the mash is done fermenting it is burned in our patented AroMat distiller. This runs on CO2-neutral energy from a boiler in which we only use wood from the Enghaven woods, where fallen trees are continuously replaced.

As the mash is heated it creates alcohol, a range of aromatics and other volatiles, which then vaporize. These fumes are condensed and collected. The various distillates enter a continuous process. In this way it is up to the craftsman's personal taste to decide when the different types are separated. We smell, taste and feel during the entire process.

When the spirits have been distilled we season them and dilute with spring water from Enghaven's natural source. According to the desired type of spirits, we either season them in stainless barrels or in wooden casks. After seasoning the spirits are bottled.

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