Fruit to spirit

Apples are the central fruit in the spirits from the Enghaven Distillery both because apples yield an amazing spirit, but also because the Danish climate is incredibly qualified for growing high quality apples.

Among other kinds, we wish to use traditional apple sorts as the basis for the spirits. This is due to the fact that these sorts have some very fine properties. E.g. the trees carrying these sorts are not easily attacked by disease. Many of the traditional sorts are of a traditional aromatic flavor and a wonderful odor, which are qualities we wish to transfer to the fruit spirits. These traditional sorts often bear very small apples, which is preferable as these contain more "essence" and a higher concentration of aromatics.

The Distillery solely uses fruit from own orchard as well as from a few minor fruit growers in the region, all of whom live up to the high standards of fruit production that we insist on. The fruit is picked specifically for distillation at a time when sugar levels and aroma are optimal.

The other fruits and herbs we use have likewise existed in Denmark for many years and have thus proven suitable for the Danish climatic conditions