From planting to serving

In the Enghaven Distillery we have a dream and a mission in what we do. We intend to deliver a product of the finest and purest quality. We wish to provide products of a unique gustatory sensation. One of the ways to ensure this is by being present throughout the entire process from planning to serving. We know every detail in the process and keep a keen eye on every step to ensure maximal flavor and aromatic concentration in the final product.

One of the ways we make sure of this is by only using fruit from handpicked minor local fruit growers, apart from our own plantation, as the basis for our fruit spirits. Thereby we ensure that the fruit is picked at the perfect time regarding flavor and sugar-concentration.

We focus on sound craftsmanship, a high standard of hygiene and transparency in the processes. For us, quality is more important than quantity. After having harvested and hand sorted the fruit, we wash it by hand before mashing it. Nothing is added but yeast to initiate the fermentation of the fruit, which in the end leads to the generation of alcohol. In this manner we ensure as high a natural level of aroma as possible in comparison to similar products which have had sugar added. The addition of sugar is a commonly applied technique aimed at gaining more alcohol from material far cheaper than Danish fruit.

After the distillation of the fermented fruit, we dilute the distillate to the desired level of alcohol. Of course we use our own natural spring water from Enghaven for this dilution. Then the fruit spirits are ready for seasoning, filtering and bottling. The traceability we ensure by equipping every single bottle with a label containing information about the most important steps in the genesis of the exact bottle.

Via fruit to spirit and this is how spirits are made you can find more information about the processes involved from planting to serving.