The people behind

We are three owners of the Enghaven Distillery: Mikkel Nordkvist, Erik Moestrup and Esben Moestrup.

Mikkel Nordstrup is a civil engineer with a specialty in chemistry and he has a PhD in biotechnology. Mikkel has been working professionally with fermentation and distillation-processes during both his education and later his occupation. At the distillery Mikkel is responsible for the production processes ensuring that the distillery meets the highest of standards. 

Erik Moestrup is trained as an agricultural technician, and throughout his professional life, Erik has been working within governmental agricultural- and plant-research. At the distillery Erik is responsible both for our own production of fruit and for ensuring that our suppliers live up to our production standards.

Esben Moestrup has a Master of Arts in social studies, philosophy and history and teaches at the technical upper secondary school in Randers. At the distillery Esben is responsible for the day-to-day running.

Combined, our qualifications ensure that the Enghaven Distillery:

  • has complete control and documentation of the production - from planting to serving
  • has expertise within all the areas necessary to produce spirits
  • has its own production of raw material as well as a close connection to local suppliers
  • creates products which reflect a passion for what we do