About Enghaven

The Enghaven Distillery is part of the Enghaven farm residing in the idyllic village of Mellerup close to Randers. The Enghaven apple trees are as much part of the production as the Enghaven Distillery itself.

Enghaven is a family farm, where Erik and Esben Moestrup are respectively of the fourth and fifth generation. The more recent history of Enghaven began in 1807, when the farm was bought by Christen Boldsen. Christen had earned the funding for the farm during the "Privateer War" (1807-1814), during which he had displayed great courage. The story goes that the galley "Helena Charlotte" piloted by Christen Boldsen was captured by Swedish privateers on 12.31.1808. With a little help, Christen succeeded in recapturing the vessel and returning it safely. This made him a very wealthy man and he began rebuilding Enghaven. The farm remained in the Boldsen family up till 1881, when Niels Kristian Moestrup bought is. Since then the Enghaven farm has remained in the Moestrup family's possession.