Brænderiet Enghaven -The Enghaven Distillery

The Enghaven Distillery produces Noble fruit spirits in a league of its own.

Noble fruit spirits are characterized by being made entirely from fermented fruit without the addition of sugar, monopoly alcohol, artificial flavorings and other vermin.

The Enghaven Distillery's spirits are produced solely from first-rate Danish fruit. We make much of ensuring that the fruit is picked at the exact time, when it is best suited for fruit spirits. Because of the climate, Danish fruit is among the best in the world - which is especially true for Danish apples. We only use fruit from our own orchard or from small local suppliers, and because of this we are in complete control of the entire processing from the ripening of the fruit to the bottling of the spirits. Combined with first-class craftsmanship, this is the secret behind the spirits of the Enghaven Distillery.

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